An exciting descent on Tenerife

“Today we are going to do something new, something adventurous.” I look curiously at my girlfriend Isabel. “And I would only bring enough food and drink and put on sturdy shoes, because you are going to need that!” I quickly decide to put an extra sandwich in my bag. We walk back to our room and when I have exchanged my slippers for walking shoes, we are ready to go.

The adventure is waiting!

A little later we drive to the town of Masca, because this is where the adventure begins. The road leads us past a huge gorge: the Barranco de Masca. I look down, from here I can see the sea in the distance. “Through that gap we will descend today Eliza!” I look at Isabel in surprise and for a moment I swallow, because it looks pretty steep. But luckily I know for sure that everything will be fine with Isabel as a guide.

In Masca we make a final stop at Bar Fidel, where we prepare for the four-hour walk that will lead us all the way down. “From there we take the water taxi to the place Los Gigantes, so we don’t have to walk the whole way back,” I look at Isabel relieved. The descent alone seems adventurous enough for now!

We start on a path that leads steeply down along high rock walls to a river

We start on a path that leads steeply down along high rock walls to a river

The further we descend, the closer the rock faces come together. Sometimes I have to hold on to the rocks, because the roads are sandy and therefore slippery. We walk along rivers, clamber over rocks and occasionally I stop to enjoy the view. The Masca gorge is very green due to the large amount of rain water that finds a way down through the gorge.

After a few hours of walking nature becomes greener and we come across the most special trees and plants. Isabel tells me that the route here is different every day, because rainfall can cause some parts to be blocked. After about 4 hours of walking I suddenly hear the sound of the sea in the distance. Secretly I am quite relieved, because my legs are getting tired after all that climbing, walking and jumping.

When we arrive at the beach, a boat is already waiting for us. I look up, where we come from. Masca seems to have been a haven for pirates once. And now that I look up, I completely understand. How well you saw the sea from Masca, the village is so bad to see from here. An ideal hidden vantage point for pirates.

After a short boat trip we are dropped off at Los Gigantes, not far from Masca. From here we take the taxi back to our car. When we drive back to our accommodation address La Casona del Patio, I can hardly keep my eyes open. I can’t wait to take a refreshing shower and relax in the spa. My legs have earned that!

A few tips if you want to do this descent

A few tips if you want to do this descent

Book your taxi boat in advance so that you are sure of a place.
There is little to no mobile coverage in the gap, keep that in mind.
Go with a guide who knows all the paths exactly. It is not just a walk, but more a trekking. You don’t want to have to turn somewhere halfway!
Take into account the weather, because heavy rainfall makes some parts impassable.

What is your tip for an active day in Tenerife?

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