Lago Martiánez, a place to relax in the north of Tenerife

The Lago Martiánez, in fact, is not a lake, but that does not mean it is a wonder created by man by the sea and if you decide to travel to Tenerife will have to visit to relax, sunbathe and swim in peace as they hear the waves hit the sea coast.

It is a complex 100,000 square meters of artificial swimming pools, palm trees, restaurants, gardens and terraces from where you can see the sea. Although the most striking thing about this site is not its large swimming pools, how it fills with water: every day you get water from the sea, it is stored in the swimming pools and there we can swim in saltwater although without waves.

Where Lago Martianez is located?

Where Lago Martianez is located?

Lago Martiánez is located next to the promenade of Puerto de la Cruz and is an artificial lake created by César Manrique whom we could meet when visiting Lanzarote. In this construction, as in other expressions of this artist, volcanic stone fused with other natural elements of the area is present at all times.

Those who are responsible for the care of the site explain that it works as if it were a large green emerald that is surrounded by beaches, solariums and gardens that also stands out for the interior islands and that in total there are 15,000 square meters of swimming pools.


How much it cost?


The entrance costs 4 euros per person and the opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm (during the winter season it closes one hour before) with the advantage that if you want to eat outside the premises you can return with the same entrance.

Visiting Lago Martiánez is a good option if we take into account that the north of Tenerife is quiet because it does not have large beaches (as it does in the south) and there we can sunbathe or bathe, swim to the artificial islands, visit its facilities or even, as some do, sleep for a while on the sun loungers under the shade of palm trees.

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